Before embarking on any of our change management services, Diversi-T endeavours, through consultation, to determine the exact needs and requirements of your organisation and/or team. Browse our transformation management services, including assessments, training and support, and contact us for further consultation.


Assess & Advise

Assess & Advise Your Organisation

  • Organisational Culture Audits
  • Industry Charter Consulting
  • Niche focused auditing (Women, PWD etc)
  • Employment Equity Consulting
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Gender Based Consulting
  • Training for HR Personnel including Employment Equity and Skills Development committees
  • Review, refresh and create relevant policies and policy frameworks
  • Strategic alignment with B-BBEE codes
  • Section 19 analysis (for Employment Equity)

Training Program

Meet the Training Needs of Your Organisation


Our training programmes can run over 1 or 2 days and areas of training include:


  • Diversity Awareness & Management
  • Facilitation of Dialogues on Race & Diversity
  • Facilitation of team building workshops
  • Training of Employment Equity & Skills Development committees
  • We also have a number of capacity building programmes to bridge graduates into the world of work


Support Initiatives Undertaken by Our Organisation

  • Assist with regards to the relevant alignment with the new B-BBEE codes
  • Assist with Employment Equity planning & policies
  • Offer support to Skills Development Facilitators
  • Consult on various industry charters


All Diversi-T change management services begin with intensive consultation and would be supported by such throughout. Diversi-T consultants are well trained, experienced and highly qualified. Each associate comes with superior references from both previous clients and their previous employers, where relevant. A policy review can be requested on any preconsultation – particularly prior to implementing a climate survey or culture audit.

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Organisational Culture and Diversity Audits

Diversi-T have successfully completed over 25 culture audits within large organisations over the twenty seven(27) years. Working closely with academics from within the Wits School of Human and Community Development Diversi-T are able to produce audits that are vivid, accurate and informed. 


The tools we use are both qualitative and quantitative and most often results are triangulated using various sources of input and data.  Diversi-T culture audits allow for your organisational culture to be benchmarked against others within your sector and can be administered in all South African languages.Diversi-T commit to more than chapters of numbers and figures. Using qualitative and quantitative methods we are able to give you a culture audit that is not only detailed, but one that makes absolute sense.

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Our B-BBEE Consulting service assists organisations in strategically aligning their BBBEE initiatives to the requirements of the Amended B-BBEE Codes. Our approach is to assist organisations in significantly improving their B-BBEE score in a manner which is strategically integrated with the organisation’s business objectives. Our key associated partner in B-BBEE scoring is Made Consortium.


We do this by first conducting an audit to identify the existing strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s Management Control, Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development initiatives. We then work with relevant teams within the organisation to develop BBBEE-alignment strategies and programmes to address the existing areas of weakness within these key BBBEE elements.  Once the BBBEE alignment strategies and programmes have been agreed to, we then provide support, assisting the organisation with the BBBEE strategy implementation.  We also provide a monitoring and evaluation service to support the organisation in ensuring that the BBBEE-alignment strategies are indeed implemented as planned.

As managers have a critical role to play in ensuring the effective implementation of the BBBEE-strategy, we also provide BBBEE Awareness Workshops for all levels of management.  These workshops assist managers in understanding the requirements of the Amended BBBEE Codes, the strategic relevance of BBBEE to the business, as well as management’s role and obligations in ensuring effective BBBEE strategy implementation.   We also provide BBBEE Information Workshops for employees to facilitate the process of buy-in and acceptance of change.

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Employment Equity Services

The effective implementation of Employment Equity is an important contributor to the transformation of an organization. Diversi-T facilitates the effective implementation of Employment Equity within organizations through the following services:


Employment Equity Briefings

We conduct Employment Equity briefings within organizations the purpose of which is to create a common understanding about Employment Equity amongst employees. An adequate understanding about Employment Equity is essential for meaningful consultation, which is a legislative requirement.

Training the Employment Equity Committee

This develops an understanding of the importance of Employment Equity for the organization’s business, the legislative requirements, as well as the function, role and responsibilities of the Employment Equity Committee.

Employment Equity Policy Development

We assist organisations with the design of their Employment Equity Policy, ensuring that it supports the overall transformation agenda of the organistion.

Employment Equity Plan Development

Legislation requires that organizations put in place a 1 – 5 year Employment Equity Plan. We assist organizations in the development of this Plan, ensuring that it meets both legislative requirements and the specific context and business needs of the organization.

Employment Equity Reporting

The majority of organizations are required to file an Employment Equity Report with the Department of Labour on an annual basis. Diversi-T assist organizations with the generation of this report, including the consultative component of the reporting process.

Skills Development Services

Skills Development is an important vehicle that, if implemented effectively, will support the overall transformation agenda of an organization. The Skills Development services which Diversi-T offers include:


Training the Skills Development Committee

This half day training workshop develops an understanding of the importance of Skills Development for the organization’s business and for its transformation; the legislative requirements; as well as the function, role and responsibilities of the Skills Development Committee.

Skills Development Facilitator Outsourcing

We register with the relevant Seta as an organisation’s Skills Development Facilitator. This service involves:

  • Conducting an analysis of an organisation’s training needs
  • Providing advice of Skills Development issues to managers and employees within the organisation
  • Preparing and submitting an organisation’s mandatory grant application (Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report)
  • Preparing and submitting an organisation’s discretionary grant application (e.g. Strategic Cash Grant)
  • Liaising with the Seta on behalf of the organisation.